5 Health Benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest

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5 Health Benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible bird’s nest is one of the most famous and nutritious superfood which are the most highly prize among Chinese since ancient times. Due to its price and rarity it is one of the most sough after functional food ingredients especially among the rich, political connected and royal families of the Chinese Ruling Dynasty for the past 1200 year. To obtain this precious ingredients, Chinese merchants sailed to the South China Sea travelling back and forth for the past 1000 of year following the monsoon wind, trading with local natives and setting up trading post for this invaluable commodity harvested which is harvested from caves around the Malay Archipelago.

The Swiftlets that lays the Golden Eggs

Its prices and exotic source has earned its name as Caviar of the East. Due to its reputation, even 3 Star Michelin Chef and TV celebrity Gordon Ramsey hopped into a plane stopover to travel to Madai cave in North Borneo, which has been harvesting cave Edible Bird’s Nest for more then 400 years, on his world travelling series to learn about exotic ingredients and cooking recipes from the locals to enhance his culinary skills and knowledge. His video channel on youtube he climbed up a bamboo ladder and to harvested a swiftlet’s nest. His guide then has his aunt (a Idahan natives who owns customary right to the harvest the cave) to cook a simple dessert mixed with rock sugar one of the most common serving method, too his disappointment of its taste and flavor which he commented it’s a bland and tasteless dessert.

Chef Gordon tried edible bird nest dessert commented its properties as jelly like to make the world’s most expensive dessert.

Why did the Chinese until today, prize this ingredient or food so highly? What makes it so expensive and pervasive that the Chinese are willing to spend a fortune on this food item?

You see Chinese food culture place an extremely high level of regards on functional ingredients, food which have nourishing and nutraceutical or pharmacology values. The highest authority on Traditional Chinese Medicine literature from dated from the 15th century,  Compendium of Materia Medica ranked  Swiflet’s Nest or Edible Bird’s Nest as  the top 3 functional food in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to its nourishing Nutraceutical and Pharmacological Qualities.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine has classified edible bird’s nest as a daily tonic if consumed on a daily basis, it will benefit you by

  • Boosting Your Immune System,
  • Improve your lung function,
  • Improve your complexion and skin tightening,
  • Cool your body and remove flu and phlegm.

Today, modern chemical analysis into edible bird’s nest extraction found the cement like substance compose of materials such as as glycoproteins and carbohydrates plus minor amount mineral salts such as sodium, zinc, manganese, magnesium iron and others. On going pharmacology research from Malaysia and Edible Bird Nest producing nations has done studies on benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest traditional claims and identify the right chemical structure that validates and backup its clinical claim. Methods of testing also usually in extract form for optimal bioactive and bioavailability.

Below are the summary of 5 Benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest in Traditional Chinese Medicine Validated by Modern Science.

1) Boosting immune system –  is the most sought after function of any health supplement or functional food. TCM practitioner in China has long used EBN as one of the primary or supplementary ingredient as a functional food to improve the immune system. TO verify the ancient wisdom, researchers from China in this article’s finding which summaries,  They gave mice cancer cell and subject the cells to radiation which destroys the good cells and suppress the immune system, and feeding their Edible Bird’s Nest Extract “results indicate that consuming EBN for 30 days may relieve the intestinal immune inhibition caused by chemotherapy. Therefore, we conclude and suggest that EBN might be used as an adjuvant therapy for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy” in simple term means mice’s subject to radiation and cancer can’t produce immune system. In human term, someone who is subject to cancer and thus treated with radiation as chemotherapy may see their immunity damaged and subject easily to infection. By taking edible bird’s nest extract, it seems the immune system is being kick start to work even our cells are destroyed by chemotherapy. Now imagine if we take edible bird’s nest extract regularly, this will keep health and immune system at optimum.

2) Improve the Lung and Chest– in TCM Edible Bird’s Nest is touted to nourish the lung and chest and protects it, and specifically reduce the chances of viral influenza infection. A study in Malaysia confirms its effectiveness “this study support the potential of Edible Bird’s Nest as supplementary medication or alternative to antiviral agents to inhibit influenza infections. Evidently, EBNs can be a promising antiviral agent”. This agrees with TCM prognosis of preventive medicine in fact it stops influenza virus from multiplying and taking it every day, prevents influenza from making a person sick. In addition, immunity boosting effect of Edible Bird’s Nest that works with the antiviral effect help in overall to improve the wellbeing.

3) Youthful Radiating White Skin – In any culture, a youthful, supple and radiating skin without blemish and pigmentation is highly desired. Back in time during Chinese Dynasty, only the royalty has the money to afford the luxury and nothing can be too expensive when it touches on beauty and youthfulness. So what is the secret of youthful elixir found in Edible Bird’s Nest?  The key ingredient is (Epidermal Growth Factor) EGF, where Noble Prize is awarded to the 2 scientist who found it and researched its function on our skin and the secret of youthful skin in human is unlocked. In a paper published in 1987 from Malaysia, Epidermal Growth Factor was found to be present naturally in edible bird’s nest, confirming the age old wisdom consuming edible bird’s nest is amazing for our skin. Ever wonder why Chinese ladies age 60 and above looks around 40 years of age? The rich ones in China takes bird’s nest dessert soup every night and this is one of their secret to a young look with constant skin rejuvenation.

4) Anti-Aging and Hormonal Balance for elderly woman– As woman age and goes into menopause, decline in estrogen has proven to cause common mental and physical health issues such memory losses, mood swings and bone density degradation leading to osteoporosis.  Here is on  research papers from Malaysia citing their research conforming the benefits of edible bird’s nest extract in supporting to promotes mental health in especially slowing down memory losses and the ability of edible bird’s nest to raise production of estradiol hormone which correlates with improving aging woman by stabilizing emotional mood swing and slows down mental memory loss.  Another study from Japanese researchers also Edible Bird’s Nest Extract reassert it can improve skin and bone density as pointed out by Traditional Chinese Medicine taking it regularly improves quality of life in aging females.

5) Enhance Learning Ability and Memory. How can one maintain a sharp and quick mind in throughout our life? One of the composition of EBN is actually Sialic Acid which plays an extremely important role in keeping our mental faculty sharp and functioning. According to regional research on location of harvested edible bird’s nest, all Malaysia’s sample nest contains traceable amount of functional sialic acid, making the benefits of consuming edible bird’s nest suitable for our mental health. Traditionally Chinese pregnant woman during 2nd 3rd trimester in their pregnancy are encouraged to consume Edible Bird’s Nest, to encourage the baby to have soft and radiating skin ( possible the effect of EGF) and it was also believe to make the baby smarter ( sialic acid for brain development), and post-delivery also to encourage for flabby skin to tighten itself.

The health benefits for Edible Bird’s Nest or Yan Wo in Chinese are well research and now proven by science as documented by above. However taking the preparation in traditional method using boiling or concentrate method do not optimize the availability of bioactive ingredient make it a very expensive tonic.

Here are some of the disadvantages of buying raw edible bird’s nest for self-preparation.

  1. Price is reasonable expensive with minimum of 4-5 grams per serving.
  2. Secondly, time and effort in preparation will take hours.
  3. A busy person will not have the time and discipline to consume it every day as time to prepare is tedious and the optimal time of consuming it is before sleep.
  4. Methods of preparation or cooking such as ready to drink or concentrate may not be optimal in extracting the benefits of edible bird’s nest making it a very expensive food supplement and not much clinical research is in this form.

As we highlighted the benefits of Edible Bird’s Nest which in traditional form are boiled and usually made in to dessert, scientific methods are usually in extract form to optimize its bio active’s ingredient for health and wellness. This is why our brand EGF-II edible bird’s nest extract address the issues above. Firstly it’s in extract form which is predigested and all the good bio actives are extracted to give you the 5 benefits above. Secondly it’s easy and ready to use anytime. Thirdly its very reasonable priced compared buying and cooking raw or drinking ready to serve instant yan wo or bird’s nest drink.

Our Specially Formulated Most Potent Edible Bird’s Nest Extract

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