Edible Bird's Nest Liquid Extract

“Edible Bird’s Nest” or swallow’s nest is referring to the nest of swiftlet bird. It is usually built during the breeding season by the interlinked strands of coagulated saliva of male swiflets in caves of South East Asia especially in Borneo Island. According to ancient Chinese literature, bird’s nest is one of the most precious royal menu, or food for the emperor and wealthy as bird’s nest has been regarded as precious delicacy in Chinese cuisine for maintenance of general health and radiant youthful looking skin since the Ming Dynasty.

Preparation of this delicacy or obtaining this precious natural superfood is tedious and dangerous, traditionally harvested using bamboo poles and going through a tedious process cleaning.  Today the normal process of cooking and making it a dessert takes 2-3 hours boiling from its raw form, or in ready to drink little bottles or instant bird nest concentrate.

The reasons are simple, edible bird nest has been proven for 3 specific heath benefits which is proven by science in the lab and time tested via traditional medicine.

It contains 2 incredible functional ingredients with immense Anti- Aging Properties, Epidermal Growth Factor and Sialic Acid.

Epidermal Growth Factor as we age it will decrease over time, and therefore consuming it or replenishing it will:

  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Promote skin elasticity
  • Improve overall skin smoothness
  • Accelerates in wound healing

which is the excellent cell proliferative effect demonstrated by Edible Bird Nest is extremely useful in Stimulating Youthful Skin.

Sialic Acid found in Edible Bird Nest therefore its been acknowledged traditionally and scientifically proven to boost and aid

  • Learning ability & Brain Function
  • Boost Immunity
  • Prevent Influenza Infections.

Today, preparation method Edible Bird Nest’s are usually made available in 3 form.

Firstly, its normally served in traditional Chinese style normally double boiled as dessert, secondly commercially available ready to drink and increasing common in concentrate form.

This 3 preparation method made edible bird nest a very expensive tonic and a classified it as a luxurious superfood which is affordable to the middle and above class when considering into benefiting from its beauty enhancing properties where to maintain and consume it on regular basis, standard advice Traditional Chinese Medicine requires at least thousands of dollars and 3 months continue consumption to reaps it benefit.

The answer is to make it into an Extract in Liquid Concentrated Gel form where we retained all its flavor and extracted all its benefits its and produce the best and affordable Edible Bird Nest Extract.

Our 3 years R & D has solved one of the most basic question, how do we make a Tasty Edible Bird Nest Extract and yet retains all its nutrition plus making it affordable for everyone?

We are proud to launch this EGF-II made from the cleanest and purest house nest bits from Malaysia.  We happy to introduce EGF-II best quality Edible Bird Nest Extract which is affordable to everyone.

Why EGF II the best Edible Bird Nest Product in the market?

Our extracting Technology and Quality Product provides you up to 90% absorption of all the nutrition. Our experience and test has shown a bottle of 30 Days EGF-II

  • promotes and enhances cellular regeneration your skin, proven to give you a glowing, elastic and tighter skin again.
  • For the busy woman regularly travels, experiences jet lags and busy professionally with lack of sleep, consuming EGF-II as a tonic will diminish the haggard and tired look even without makeup.
  • EGF-II has proven to reduces dark pigmentation from dead cells by increasing cell proliferation making your skin glow again.
  • The unique blend of natural ingredients and its bioactive is safe as well to be used topically or applied to skin as well for extra skin tightening effect.

One Bottle of 30 ML is good for 30 days. You will notice the benefits of EGF-II as early as 15 Days, your skin start acquires the youthful flow, the tightening effect as your skin will feel more supple.

Our product comes in 10 ML (Travel Pack) and 30 ML (Standard Pack)

We ship world wide. We are confident in our product that we offer 100% money guarantee if your skin doesn’t improve in glow and tightening effect after 15 days continued usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is EGF II made from Natural Bird Nest without any preservative and additive substances?

Yes, our product is 100% natural and safe to be consume.

2) Is refrigeration needed after opening?

For EGF-II, no refrigeration is needed due to natural sugar preservatives and 100% airless seal in vacuum to ensure 100% freshness.

3) What kind of bird nest EGF –II its made from?

We use 100% natural clean house nest source from the cleanest and most natural environment, where the surrounding is natural free from pollutants.  We will launch a new product made from cave nest soon.

4) Why is EGF-II Edible Bird Nest Extract better then other Edible Bird Nest form?

It is the first one in Liquid gel extract form which is 5 times more potent then Bird Nest in concentrate, 8 times better boiled dessert form or 10 times better then ready to drink.

5) Why do your company offer money back guarantee purchase?

We are confident that our product is currently the best in the market and if you are really buying for the best value and effective Edible Bird Nest Tonic, our quality and price is unbeatable and trust our quality to deliver 100% satisfaction.  This is why we are confident we are selling the best Edible Bird Nest in the market that will benefit everyone and anyone who looks the most superior Edible Bird Nest product.

6) If your product superior, why it is cheaper then the market with the claims to be faster and more effective?

As a manufacturer, we source our Edible Bird Nest bits locally in Borneo, therefore our cost is lower then purchasing raw Edible Bird Nest home boiled into dessert.  Secondly our technology and experience in extraction of liquid has allow us to optimally extract all the bioactive and nutrients of Edible Bird Nest.


  • Newest Liquid Form with Optimal Bioavailable and Predigested Absorption.
  • Gentle Extraction using TCR (Time Control Release) to extract all Active Nutrition.
  • In liquid Water Soluble form For Optimal Absorption up to 98 % Nutrition which is 100% Natural, No Preservatives and Illegal Substances.

Bird's Nest in Extract Liquid form

  • Helps to accelerate and promote wound healing & promotes skin beautifying with EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor )
  • Helps to reinforce skin tightening
  • Enhances Health, Vitality, Energy, Vision and Boost Immune System
  • Helps to prevent virus that cause influenza infections
  • Contains Carbohydrates, glycoprotein and Mineral Salts vital to production of collagen in dermis.
  • Is rich in sialic acid, proteins and amino acids that that promotes anti-aging

Advantages of Edible Bird's Nest Liquid Extract by Borneo Rainforest Herbs

  • Instant ready to serve with fast acting into blood stream and cells.
  • Easy to use and carry around.
  • High activ ratio with 100 mg = 1 ML equal to 2.5 gram of raw bird nest.
  • In 30 ML bottle with 1 ML is sufficient for daily allowance need for 30 days.
  • Very affordable and good value for money. 

Revolutionary Product

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