Edible Bird’s Nest Liquid Extract – 30ml x 1 Bottle

Edible Bird’s Nest Liquid Extract – 30ml x 1 Bottle


The latest innovation for a hundred years old Traditional Chinese Medicine delicacy in a new form for optimal delivery, health and convenience. Our TCR technology extraction method allows us to achieve economies of scale with our edible bird’s nest having the best dollar per gram to consumer value with highest bioavailability. We are then able to provide a highly affordable product at the best value to the mass market. A bottle of our edible bird’s nest is good enough for 30 days.

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  • Instant ready to serve with fast acting into blood stream and cells.
  • Easy to use and carry around.
  • High activ ratio with 100 mg = 1 ML equal to 2.5 gram of raw bird nest.
  • In 30 ML bottle with 1 ML is sufficient for daily allowance need for 30 days.
  • Very affordable and good value for money.


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