OEM and Bulk Supply

As a Tongkat Ali wholesale in Malaysia, we supply bulk Tongkat Ali liquid for product formulation and functional beverages. Our OEM manufacturing department can also customize Tongkat Ali Liquid to meet your specifications.

Ali-Activ® (World’s Tongkat Ali First Liquid Concentrate)

Ali-Activ® is made from Tongkat Ali pure 100% root water extract technology – proprietary extract of water soluble Tongkat Ali. It contains phenolic, tannins, high molecular weight polysaccharide, glycoprotein and mucopolysaccharides. The biologically active water solution is found to be able to increase testosterone and overall health.

Its various benefits can be transformed into other products. It can be used in any aspect, as supplements for energy drink (high performance for ATP enhancement) and functional beverages which has all the benefits of Tongkat Ali root without the bitterness.

The Technology
Unique Time Controlled Release (TCR) Extraction.

Production Process
With our traditional philosophy and in compliance with regulations meet international markets requirements. We have developed a system of production and in progress quality control monitoring. The principle cGMP govern all steps ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of our products. Most of our process equipment and the manufacturing systems are custom-designed.

“Borneo Rainforest Herbs Sdn Bhd”; is a pioneer in the use of the TCR technology which is a technical breakthrough in natural plants and herbal extraction into their purest form with the potency of the herbs fully intact. All its nutritive compounds being retained by the gentle extraction procedure.

Highly effective in functional food and drinks, nutraceuticals and organiceutical products with faster absorption and results.

The manufacturing process commences with the selection of quality raw material, sourced from Approved Suppliers. All in-coming raw material are quality tested according or scientifically validated methods that have been developed in house. Testing is performed by 3rd party ISO Laboratories are utilized in identity and quality control of the herbal material.

The next stage of manufacturing involves the gentle TCR extraction of the constituents within the raw material. Our unique naturalization process step is used minimizing any stress or damaged to the original matrix of the raw material.

The end product is an extract that is all natural, pure, super potent with distinctive smell, taste and uniquely requires no preservatives and contains no by-products.

Quality Control monitors the whole process and when complete, the batch is carefully filtered. The finished product is then bottled, labeled and tested against product specifications. The finished product is then ready for sale.

Process Flow
Source Raw Material >>> Sample, ID & Quality Testing >>> Extraction >>> Naturalization >>> Filtration >>>
>>> Quality Testing of Finished Product >>> Bottling & Labeling >>> Final QC/QA Inspection >>> Ready for Sale

Powder Extract and Tongkat Ali Capsule

Our Tongkat Ali root is sourced from the rainforest of Borneo. We supply both sprayed dried or freezed dried standardised water extract from which can be tran ingredient for general well being health products for capsules, tablets, additive for functional items and etc. Minimum order is 1 kg at 100% extract ratio or any quality mix required. Please contact us for a quote.

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